Each hat is custom made by order

Ready-to-order or bespoke-custom hats - every hat is handmade by us in our studio in Mallorca from scratch.

NO STOCK or standard sizes

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Crown of the Vagabond hatters Ruth and Chris presenting their newest custom made hat 22 in sequoia in their hatstudio in Porto Cristo Mallorca
Crown of the Vagabond hatter Chris shaping a new sequoia hat with steam in the perfect light
Crown of the Vagabond hatter Ruth planning possible ways of styling a bespoke design for a custom hat

What has drawn us to hatmaking?

It is the fascination of a craft that seems to belong to another time. To carry on with this almost lost art feels like to continue a legacy. Maybe we just don’t fit in the boxes of our industrialized present. Every time we step into our little hat workshop in Mallorca, we can feel, smell and breathe the magic of this long forgotten time. And we know - this dream is not dreamed up yet.

We handcraft hats

the old fashioned way!

Each hat has its story! We etch our handcraft and style into your hat to make it one of a kind.

We craft every hat using water, fire, steam and the traditional tools and techniques hatters have been using for centuries.

This, combined with the highest quality materials, ensures an everlasting hat eventuating in uniqueness and a signature piece portraying specifically you and your vibe!

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