Chris and Ruth Beach Naxos

Our Vagabond story

began with roaming many different countries - always inspired by cultures, people and nature. Every experience shaped our significant way of storytelling and is reflected in our art of hatmaking.

Most important to us is taking you along the journey of your customized hat to create a signature piece that matches your personality.

There's craft and then there's art

hatmaking is a combination of both.

Crown of the Vagabond hat wall and guitar next to the supplies for the hats in the little hat workstation in Porto Cristo Mallorca

The process of creating something by hand from scratch.. you have a vision but there's an uncertainty that's refreshing.

You never know exactly how it will turn out after you burned the hat etc.

But one thing is for sure - it'll be unique!

Crown of the Vagabond hatter Ruth designing a bespoke design for a custom hat
Crown of the Vagabond hatter Chris sewing a engraved sweatband into a custom ordered hat while smoking a pipe

An artist once told us: „When you paint a face and you start with the eyes, you make sure one eye is slightly lower. So the imperfection is what makes the portrait alive.“

The same kind of imperfection gives life to a handcrafted hat. You can tell - it's not machine made because it's not for machine people.

Unique people deserve unique hats. Once you’ve had your hands on a handmade hat, there's no way back.

Hats are not for everyone

you need attitude to wear a hat!

We believe hats are made for extraordinary people..

Leaders, Rebels, Dreamers, Chiefs..

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