Xocolatl 26

A beautifully handcrafted Crown of the Vagabond hat by the hatters Ruth and Chris on Mallorca with traditional tools in the color Xocolatl shaped in Gold Digger with a western touch mostly clean consisting of a greenish leather band branded with custom laserengraving tied in the back and a recycled seri silk threaded with a white pearl surrounded by little golden pearls on top. The curled brim has cutouts, the hat is filled with a custom lining and is branded with „Neri“ and the serial number 26 on the sweatband.
Neri wearing a hat from Crown of the Vagabond on Mallorca

Gold Digger in Xocolatl - color on request

handcrafted, Western Weight

Stockman design

ivory recycled sari silk

baroque pearl centered by golden beads

custom designed branded leather band

signature summery hat lining

10cm/3.94in curled brim with cutouts

hand sewn customised leather sweatband